3 Dating tips for Women

3 REAL Dating Tips for Women [From MAN Prospective]

Today I’m (re)starting my YouTube channel. I opened it nearly 2 years ago together with my blog fabsmorelli.com but then I left this project behind for lack of possibility of making quality videos.
Now I’m starting it again with also a new name “Behind the Casanova” with the help of Emanuele (@emanuele_nasonte, check out his Instagram) when it comes to video recording and editing.

I thought about renaming my YouTube channel after taking part in the video for the YouTube channel Dating beyond borders related to the stereotypes about Italians.
Since my idea was to talk about my point of view as an Italian man when it comes to dating, fashion and lifestyle I thought that “Behind the Casanova” could represent these concepts.

In this first video, I’m gonna guide the ladies through 3 actionable dating tips for women from a male perspective. These, are usually the things I check out during my first dates in order to see if the person in front of me might potentially be a “good girlfriend material”. So if you are looking for a serious relationship, you wanna understand what men want, how to attract men or how to make him like you then keep watching!

In the video I will talk about:

1️⃣ Dating Tips for Women | Be Nice and Have Good Manners
2️⃣ Dating Tips for Women | The bill
3️⃣ Dating Tips for Women | No Sex at the First Date

So.. if you are curious just check out the video:

Follow these tips for the 1st date and not only, understand better how to get a man addicted to you and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

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ever met. And is thanks to her that I had the inspiration to write this article.


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