Everything You and I Could Have Been If We Weren’t You and I

I wanna tell you a story.

A story, in which a boy meets a girl. And a man meets a woman.

But I need also to be clear.

This is not gonna be a love story. Rather a story about love.

Santorini, Greece.

It’s one of these typical summer nights that are meant to leave memories for a long time.
The hot sun of Santorini has just left space to a blue sky full of stars, the sea seems to be peaceful and the air is refreshed by a calm wind.

A boy and a girl are sitting in one of the many bars by the sea. Smiling, talking, laughing and looking at each other deeply.

From the young couple, a sense of happiness is spreading all around, mixed with the desire of enjoying this moment.
At the same time, the hope of having many other nights like this is fulfilling their hearts.

We could bet that they just met: arrived on the Greek island for the holidays, they probably got to know each other on the beach or in some club and now they are having their first date.

Besides the little time passed together, it’s already visible a good chemistry between the two of them.
They really seem to be perfect together.

It looks like the beginning of a love story, right?


Barcelona, Spain

The sun is falling into a colorful sunset and the city is enjoying one of the first days of summer after a cloudy spring.

The locals and the tourists are filling the streets of Las Ramblas enjoying the good weather.
Among them, a man and a woman are walking.

From the way they act looks like they know each other for many years already.

While talking, the two of them use to move a lot they hands.
A more careful look could notice that often they get close during these movements, almost caressing, but without never really holding.

In their eyes, there is curiosity, memories and the willingness to enjoy each other company, leaving the reality around them. Even if just for a couple of hours.

The beautiful streets of Barcelona, the music coming from a guitarist playing that Ed Sheeren song and a bottle of wine will just create a magic atmosphere in this Barcelona night.

Everything seems to be perfect, isn’t it?

Santorini, Greece.

The boy and the girl are walking by the sea, holding each other hands.
Now they just stopped. They are kissing. They do it with the passion that every first kiss has.

But wait a second. This kiss has something different.

A more careful look could notice that the main emotions spreading from this kiss are not only happiness and desire, but also sadness and fear. Fear that this kiss will be one of their first and last ones.

Unfortunately, they were right.

The day after the boy left Santorini, while the girl stayed.

They met each other at the end of the boy’s holiday, while the girl just arrived.

Besides the apparent chemistry, besides the happy moments they experienced together and besides their promises to make it work against all the odds, soon they will lose contact and become perfect strangers.
Like this summer night in Santorini never happened.

Barcelona, Spain

The man and the woman are now sitting in a restaurant in one of the many characteristic squares of the Gòtic Quarter in Barcelona.
While talking, laughing and enjoying together some Spanish red wine, the time is passing.
But for them, instead, is like the time stopped in a beautiful atmosphere similar to the ones that we only see in the movies.

The night has arrived in Barcelona and while previously the hands of the couple seemed to touch each other just for a coincidence, now is evident that this is not happening randomly anymore.

They are getting closer and closer every second: first holding their hands, then caressing, while their faces are distant just few millimeters.

But there is something strange.

It seems like both of them are now in the middle of two different emotional status.
From one side the evident chemistry and from the other side some more rational thoughts.

In particular, is the way that they touch that highlights this detail. It’s almost like at the same time they want each other, but they can’t.

Unfortunately, this was the truth.

The man was in Barcelona for one of his business trips and the woman was already in a relationship.

With the daylight, the magic of their night together was gone and Cupid demanded back his arrow.

Besides they liked each other in a way that is rare to find, this relationship wasn’t possible.
Or at least, wasn’t possible at that moment.


You see, to find the right person requires a lot of different components, but two things are fundamental in particular: chemistry and timing.

And the worse case is when there is chemistry, but not timing.

What if the boy and the girl would have been passing two weeks together instead than a couple of days in Santorini? What if the woman would have been single? What if the man would have been living in Barcelona instead than being there for work?

What if… What if…

The reality is that we can’t really know it for sure.

I don’t know What You and I Could Have Been If We Weren’t You and I.

What I know is how it felt, the chemistry, the magic and, besides all of this, what unfortunately the boy and the girl and the man and the woman had to be in this life.

Yes, in love chemistry is fundamental, but timing is often even more important to make things work out and, in the case of our unlucky friends, time was a bitch.

But I’m ready to bet that if not for the timing these stories would have had a different ending.
Because besides the distance, besides the long time without talking to each other and besides the years that have passed, that chemistry that the boy and the girl experienced in Santorini when they were nothing more than just kids, lasted for years until that day when, almost randomly, they met each other again in Barcelona.

Because time may be a bitch, but when there is real chemistry between two people this will be stronger then everything and nothing will change it. Neither distance, neither time and neither other relationships.
It will just last forever.
Hiding deep inside their hearts it will be silently waiting to explode when time and destiny will decide to make them meet, eventually, once again.


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