The truth behind "I miss you" texts

The truth behind “I miss you” texts

I really need to be frank about this.

In your love career, you probably got at least a couple of these messages.

The kind of texts I’m talking about come from a person that once was part of your life.

A person that, with time, has also shown his real face ending up with breaking your heart and hurting you.

These kinds of messages usually arrive in late hours, between 22:00 and 1:00.

Let’s imagine it.

You are laying in your bed, drinking tea while reading a book or watching Netflix.
Or, why not, maybe giving a try to Tinder, hoping to find someone new that will fix you.

You are trying to concentrate on something else. Or someone else. And you also kinda did it.
Until that moment when you hear your phone vibration.


The truth behind "I miss you" texts


It’s a WhatsApp text.
An unknown number at a first glance. At a second look, the number starts to be more familiar to you.

Afterall you deleted it only a few months ago…

“I miss you.”

“I think about you.”

“I need you.”

This is what you will read in most of the cases. Sometimes just a bit after following a “Hey! How are you?” of circumstance.

In the evening your defenses are much weaker and the night makes us not only more emotionally vulnerable but also more available. Both for men and women.

This is why we often do or say many stupid things at night. Something that maybe, being a bit more rational, we wouldn’t say or do.

This is why you might actually believe in these words.

And for this reason, I really have to be honest with you.

First of all, you need to know that most likely you won’t be the only one who will receive this kind of text.

From their lonely side, men will send out this same message to 3 or more women.
Not even very carefully selected, while scrolling down their WhatsApp list.
Hoping that someone will bite and answer.

From your side, instead, those kinds of texts will work very good on you, thanks to the inner status that the night brings you.
These words will play especially on your need to be needed and on that feeling of loneliness that comes out when you are unable to sleep.

In situations like this, it’s like you become blind.

This text will bring you hope and happiness.

He is thinking about me!

He misses me!

You may think.

But at this moment you forget that the person texting you is the same person that abandoned you.
That hurt you. That didn’t care about you. That suddenly changed or disappeared without saying a word.
That walked away from you to be with someone else.

He was important for you. He still is. But he didn’t treat you as if you were.

And now, he reduced you to the person he texts only when he is bored or horny.

This is the truth. Even if you don’t want or can’t see it.

Don’t answer. Block him.

Now breath.

Remember why it didn’t work.

Remember how it felt every time he hurt you.

Remember how it felt to be abandoned and left for someone else.

Remember how it felt to feel insecure about that relationship. The stress, the tears and the sleepless nights.

Don’t give him a second chance. Don’t hope he will change.

The truth is that people don’t really change. They only learn how to hide better their nature.

Don’t let this person treat you like his little toy or his hobby. Don’t allow him to appear like a wizard when he is bored and to disappear again when I will be bored of you.

Love yourself, instead of these empty people and their empty promises.

Now, next time you get one of those “I miss you” texts on your phone keep these words as a reminder and ignore that lie.

You deserve to be with someone that makes you his priority.

Someone who stays.

Someone who chooses you.



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