Being a gentleman is not everything to conquer the heart of a girl.

Once, one girl, told me:

You are the type of man that every girl should meet before getting married.

I asked:


And she said:

“Because that way they will know how they should be treated by their future husband“.

In my life I had the opportunity to meet many girls and, no matter we were just friends or in a relationship, I have always treated all of them the best I could. The best that I could depending on my interest and feelings and also depending on the way they were treating me. This is obvious. But, in any case, always good.

Hence, besides the sentence with which I have started this note came from a specific person, I heard many times similar affirmations from the women I met in my life. No matter they were ONS, my lovers or my Queens.
And that’s not all. More than one of my ex-girlfriends admitted that after the breakup it was hard for them to find somebody else who would treat them as well as I did.

I’m not saying that they didn’t fall in love later or that none after me treated them well. But they were rather referring to a certain attention and kindness that make them feel as unique.

But is not that I have some superpowers or an elixir of love. So how is possible?

Kid, being an ass hole can make you sexy and attractive for a night or two, but being a gentleman will make you unforgettable. Even if you will meet that girl only once.

So yes, you got me. This is my secret. I am a gentleman. Or at least I try my best to be one.
I like stuff like opening doors, paying for drinks, taking care of myself and dressing well, being emphatic, giving attention and not forcing anything especially when it comes to sex.
Always remember this rule: the real G point of a girl is her brain. Forcing her to do something that doesn’t make her really comfortable is for me pointless, meaningless and doesn’t give me any pleasure.

In almost 27 years, this attitude, combined with my listening and empathic skills, thought me a lot about girls: what they need, what they want, what they are looking for. Of course, every girl is different and deserves to be treated like a unique rose, but in the end, we are all humans and we all stick the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.




To summarize, most of girl’s problem can be solved with good food, good talk, good sex.
Well, good shopping also helps.
– While we guys are even easier. We just need sex, football and beer. –

Dude, you don’t need to focus on anything more than this to make her happy.

Now, next time when you will be going for a date keep in mind my words and remember to:

  • Take her out for dinner or for a drink;
  • Be nice and listen to what she says and look in her eyes rather than at her neckline;
  • Make her questions, rather than talk only about yourself to show off;
  • Be self-confident, but don’t exaggerate or you will look annoying;
  • Keep some mystery;
  • Avoid weird invitations to your place on the first date (well, unless she is not forcing you. In that case you can make this sacrifice I guess);
  • Please dress properly, not like you are going to the gym or to cut the grass in the garden;
  • And, as I’ve already said, respect her time.

If you will follow my advices I can assure you that you will make a good impression on her.

Women, as we all know, are one of the biggest mystery on this planet. And nobody really knows the right receipt to make them fall in love. I don’t know it either This because each woman, as each person, is different and the truth is that doesn’t really exist a real receipt.
So yes, being a gentleman is not enough to conquer the heart of a girl, but you can consider it a good ingredient.

This will always be appreciated.

Below you will find an extra video explanation of this article.


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  1. This is more than all advaice. I think all men should read this. What’s more, women should read it too. We mainly say not enought important things, and after all we demand from men (a lot of) despite the fact that we should start with ourselves.

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